Building django CMS Applications - A Comprehensive approach

The workshop is a very detailed analysis of all the django CMS features that a Django developer can use to make their applications more compelling, powerful and easier to use for their users. It’s a hands-on, interactive, opinionated workshops in which I will describe how to implement and make full use of:

  • models features: adding placeholders and develop fully multilingual applications
  • apphooks: creating base apphooks, make use of auto setup, and create configurable apphooks
  • plugins: developing complex plugins to interact with your application models
  • sitemap: integrating the models in the Django sitemap
  • toolbar: adding application-specific actions to the django CMS frontend toolbar
  • wizard: creating multi-steps wizards to create new instance of application models
  • metatags: deliver machine-readable metatags of your model instances for better SEO / SMM results
  • settings: how to work with settings, with special regards of per-apphook settings
  • realtime: add a grain of realtime to your “standard” CMS application
The workshop is based on an existing application so the attendees will be able to easily follow the steps and check their implementation against the base one

Iacopo Spalletti

Founder/CTO @NephilaIT - django CMS core developer - Passionate Django developer. When not coding, you can find him on the stool of the local pub.

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